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About Mark

My interest in Traditional East Asian views of health and how to maintain it stems from my first Tai Chi and Qigong lesson back in 1998. The value of personal time and quietening the mind became increasingly relevant to me and its positive affect evident.

In 2005/6 I spent 18 months volunteering for SANE, the mental health helpline. The experience brought home the detrimental consequences of stress and anguish and realised my ability to be there for and listen to others; patients with stress and emotional issues benefit from my volunteer experience and this recognition that stress and emotions frequently have a significant impact on what are commonly assumed to be purely physical pains.

I specialise in women's health and acupuncture's view and treatment of fertility . I have completed postgraduate training to join the Acupuncture Fertility Network. As well as running my own acupuncture clinics I provide acupuncture at the Hewitt Fertility Centre in Knutsford, part of the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Having specialised in acupuncture for fertility and women’s health I understand how assisted conception, such as IVF treatment, can be a stressful experience, emotionally as well as physically.

Continuing Professional Development

I continue to upgrade my skills with continuing professional development each year. Recent training includes:

What does Traditional Chinese medicine mean to me?

In my Tai Chi classes it is always pleasing to see how my class members gradually adjust physically, often in the minute lowering of the shoulders or a softening of their posture.  There is a similar sight with my acupuncture patients who often attest to the depth of relaxation they feel and how visually they melt into the couch as physical stress dissolves.  For some it is simply that opportunity to isolate themselves from their demanding lifestyle; for others it helps them manage the consequences to their mind and body of that lifestyle.